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State Early Intervention Colorado Team

Program Director
Christy Scott
Cell: 720-595-8903
Responsible for the management of the statewide Early Intervention program; implementing federal and state rules and regulations; budget and contract management; and interagency agreements with state agencies to ensure a coordinated, collaborative system. Responsible for the development of the federal Part C application including policies and procedures to ensure compliance with federal requirements and fiscal accountability. Represents EI in internal meetings within the Division, Office, and Department to support strategic initiatives. Supervises Early Intervention Colorado state staff.

Assistant Director
Lenita Hartman
Cell: 720-788-9642
Works with the EI Program Director to implement strategies and initiatives and support work units for effective daily program management. Serves as the liaison between the Community Centered Boards and the state EI program, supports the development and ongoing review of state interagency agreements. This position serves as the subject matter expert to address the needs of infants and toddlers that have been identified as victims of abuse and or neglect that result in a CAPTA referral to the EI program. Recruits, hires, and supervises Early Intervention Colorado state staff.

Executive Assistant
Nancy Kamenoff
Phone: 303-866-5916
Cell: 720-793-4417
Serves as Executive Assistant to the EI Program Manager. Responds to referral inquiries to EI 1-800 number and all general questions and inquiries. Supports scheduling and meeting planning. Assists with maintaining website information and documents, and provides general support to the EI Colorado staff and program.

Evaluation Manager

Responsible for system of child identification, including referral, screening, evaluation and assessment.  Provides leadership and facilitation for the implementation of House Bill 1333, studying the implementation of early intervention evaluations, including costs, processes and family satisfaction and the provision of technical assistance.  Provides guidance to the EI evaluation pilot communities, focused on providing in-home evaluations for children referred to EI.  Provides collaborative support to the Family Resource Center wrap-around pilots, focusing on increasing the collaboration and shared service provision to children referred to EI.  Responsible for oversight of the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) project and support for vision services
Provider Relations Manager
Responsible for ensuring recruitment and retention of adequate provider pool to provide services to infants and toddlers statewide. This position works with partner state agencies to maintain and implement a statewide, comprehensive, coordinated system of payment to fund Early Intervention Services. Provides technical assistance to both Community Centered Boards and independent providers on the utilization of the funding hierarchy, maintaining current data on early intervention services provider rates. Provides advisement on the funding structures and Medicaid requirements. Works with higher education and professional early childhood associations to coordinate educational practices with the state personnel requirements. Develops and implements statewide system of personnel development.

Training and Technical Assistance Team Lead
Wayla Murrow
Cell: 720-667-9325

Leads the Training and Technical Assistance team that is responsible to develop and implement an effective local statewide EI system. This position promotes the development and implementation of an integrated and coherent system to increase the knowledge, selection and use of evidence-based practices (EBPs). Coordinates on-going support, training and technical assistance to CCBs in all areas regarding the EI program.

Program Assurance Team Lead
Elizabeth Scully
Cell: 720-610-2885
Serves as the team lead for the Program Assurance team that is responsible for the oversight of program, fiscal and data compliance requirements. This position conducts performance and monitoring activities and ensures data integrity to meet Federal reporting requirements. Oversees the EI statewide data system. Works with EI staff to provide data and information that guides the overall program work. This position provides technical assistance and guidance regarding compliance. Oversees monitoring of plan of correction(s), performance improvement training, develops content for training materials, runs reports in the early intervention data system to monitor compliance, reports on performance measurements, and manages the dispute resolution process to ensure families know their rights
Training Coordinator
Moniqua Johl
Cell: 720-667-9337
Assists with the development of training and technical assistance materials, including the training required for early intervention service coordinators and monthly technical assistance for new service coordinators and EI Coordinators. Assists in the development of training and technical assistance for early intervention personnel including the development of specialized training related to the tool used by EI Colorado for measuring the quality of IFSP's. Maintains content on EI Website and leads the annual EI Statewide Meeting.  Serves as a collaborating partner between the training and program assurance teams.
Data Coordinator
Kelly Simmons
Cell: 720-607-7333

Provides EI Colorado data system technical assistance and administration. Responsible for EI Colorado data system enhancements and development and data linking coordination including those for CAPTA referrals and CDE transition. Provides quality assurance and data support for the Early Intervention Colorado Program. Facilitates the creation of bilingual documents for training and public awareness materials and required documents.
Data Support Specialist
Tracy Sperry
Cell: 720-793-4419
Works with the Program Assurance Team to provide technical support in the EI Statewide Data System to log bugs and trouble shoot user issues. This position manages users in both the general data system as well as the Provider Portal. Assists with special projects that arise that utilize data from the EI Statewide data system, and supports the implementation of the annual family outcomes survey.
Technical Assistance and Outreach Coordinator
Coleen Costar
Cell: 720-601-3992

Assists with the development of training and technical assistance materials focused on family-driven service provision, parent leadership, and identifies need for parent input.  Reviews and modifies training materials to reflect adult learning styles and assure stakeholder accessibility.  Acts as staff to the Colorado Interagency Coordinating Council (CICC) with the facilitation of quarterly meetings, and managing membership.  Provides technical assistance in the areas of Individualized Family Service Plan process, parent leadership, and family driven supports and services.
Quality Assurance Coordinator
Kendall Machledt
Cell: 720-601-3814

Responsibilities include developing, implementing, and maintaining procedural systems that monitor quality of the EI program. Oversees EI evaluation and quality improvement activities, family assessment and Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) outcomes quality assurance monitoring (QIO). Serves as first level contact for CCBs to provide technical assistance and guidance regarding compliance on quality indicators, performance improvement training, develops content for related training materials. This position is responsible for the development, distribution and collection of the annual Family Outcomes Survey
Data Reporting Analyst