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If you have questions about a child's development, an evaluation can be accessed at any time to determine whether the child may benefit from services offered through the Early Intervention program. A referral can be made directly to the local Community Centered Board or by calling 1.888.777.4041.
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A child may be automatically eligible for Early Intervention services if he or she has a diagnosis with a high probability of resulting in a significant developmental delay as determined by a panel of physicians. All diagnoses are reviewed and approved by a panel and Early intervention Colorado maintains the database of all diagnosed conditions.


Beginning on May 1 all referrals and evaluations for children under the age of 3 with developmental concerns or disabilities will be coordinated through Early Intervention Colorado.

That means that Administrative Unit Child Find teams (Colorado Department of Education/local school districts) will no longer accept referrals for children under age 3 beginning May 1.
This change is being made to ensure equitable access to developmental support for children across Colorado and to make Early Intervention services easier for families and providers to navigate. 

Making a referral to Early Intervention is easier than ever. Depending on a person’s preference, referrals can be made online, by phone or by fax:  
For more information about this change in the referral and evaluation process for children under 3, download this informational flyer , as well as this list of answers to frequently asked questions
If you have other questions or concerns about this change, please contact Jody Berg, Early Intervention Evaluations Manager at  or 720-633-6099. 

Thank you for the work you do and for your partnership in making sure that all Colorado children have access to the developmental support they need to thrive.